About Visit Hudson Valley.com

A little history about the website visithudsonvalley.com (VHV)

VHV originally entered the super highway in September, 1999. Well, it wasn’t on the super highway, it was more or less on the service road.

The site was born out of my love for dining out. Back in the late 1990’s when I first ‘discovered‘ the internet, I was thrilled to be able to search for new and interesting restaurants in which to dine. Imagine my surprise when my super highway searches yielded sites that contained lists of 1 or 2 up to as many as 5 restaurants. I then had to search again by cuisine in order to find another 2 or 3 or 5 restaurants. I just knew that if I kept searching I would find a site somewhere that had a comprehensive listing of restaurants in the Hudson Valley area.Cappucino

Out of my frustration in not finding a comprehensive list of restaurants to suit my palate du jour, I decided to create my own little database. I kept a list on my computer in an Excel spreadsheet. I wasn’t sophisticated enough to be able to use Access (a database software).

After realizing that I was sharing my recommended restaurants with friends and family, I thought other ‘Foodies’ like me would benefit from the list so I decided to post my restaurant findings on the web. As we dined at the various restaurants, I would write a review to share with my fellow Foodies.

What to Do besides Eat

That was all well and good, but being the mother of two children, I soon realized that in addition to my favorite pastime of eating out, I needed to find interesting things for my children to do. That was the beginning of the Fun Things to Do database.

My brother, who lives in Georgia, is a clock collector. He believes the Hudson Valley area is the best place for finding antique clocks. So, to help him out I created an Antiques database.

Quiet as its kept, I also like to drink wine. So, why not create a database of the wineries in the area.

Then of course it made sense that if you were coming up to the Hudson Valley to eat, drink, antique and have fun, you might need a place to stay. So the birth of the Places to Stay Dutchess Countydatabase (makes sense right?).

A Little Self Indulgence

It is a well known fact that the Hudson valley area is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The mountains, the lakes, the flowers and landscapes, farms, I can go on and on. I’m not a photographer, but I LOVE taking pictures of the Hudson Valley. Where better to display my talent (or lack there of), but on my own VHV website?

This is how VHV was born. I had to learn the weird language called HTML in order to place it on the web. I also had to learn things about creating graphics, hosting companies, search engines, keywords, etc., but it was worth it.

All was going well until February of 2003. Being faced with my mother’s terminal illness (among other pressures), I made the decision to shut down VHV. It wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, but I realize now, when your mother is dying, you tend not to think rationally.

Now, several years later, as I start to come out of the fog, I decided to resurrect VHV. I was very thankful that I still owned the domain name. So, on June 28, 2006, VHV is back on the web. I’m updating the databases and taking new pictures and will be writing more reviews.

Please enjoy!


Felicia A. Williams

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

of Visit Hudson Valley.com

This site is dedicated to my family and to the memory of my mom (who also loved dining out)