Grabbing Sushi at Bonsai II

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Bonsai II has become our go-to when we want a good meal. We’ve been there several times and they never disappoint.  Bonsai II is located at 1955 South Road, Poughkeepsie, NY. They have a website (believe it or not, I wasn’t aware of the website until I started writing this post). They have two locations, but we’ve only dined at the one mentioned above. Bonsai does accept online orders, but they do not deliver.California Salad

My relationship with Bonsai began over a year ago. My husband and I went there shortly after they opened and probably have been there at least once a month (if not more frequently) since then. The food is tasty, service is fast and the restaurant is clean.

This go around I decided to have the California salad and a Monkey roll.  I don’t know why I ordered the Monkey roll because the California salad is a meal onto itself.  The salad consists of crispy lettuce, strips of crab meat (no, it’s not real crab meat) and slices of avocado. Atop of that are masago and the white crispy stuff that I haven’t quite figured out what it is.  They told me one time, but I think the Sake made me forget what it was.

The salad comes with a bowl of ginger sauce for you to spoon over as needed.
Full Monkey RollNext the Monkey roll. This roll does not have raw fish so I’m figuring it doesn’t quite count as sushi, but sushi or not, it’s pretty dang good.  It consists of coconut crusted deep fried shrimp rolled with avocado and cucumbers into the rice/seaweed sushi roll. On top of the roll are thin slices of avocado. Then Bonsai’s chefs artistically drizzle sauce over the top of the roll and also decorated the plate with teriyaki and ginger sauce.  Of course it’s served with pickled ginger and a glob of wasabi. It makes quite the attractive meal.

My husband had his usual beef negimaki bento box.  The lunchtime bento box comes  with miso soup, green
Beef Negamakisalad with ginger sauce, a California roll, shumai (dumplings) and a teriyaki roll. The box is adorned with sautéed onions, steamed carrot and/or broccoli. The lunch portions are perfectly sized.

As many times as we’ve dined there, we never had room enough to fit dessert.   Although one time my daughter did have enough room to eat the after-dinner pineapples.

I’ve had sushi at other restaurants, but I always seem to come back to Bonsai.  There’s something about the food and the service that keeps us coming back for more.  Although we normally eat Japanese food, Bonsai II also serves Thai food.

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