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What a find here in the Hudson Valley! Farm to Table Bistro is a restaurant that prepares food purchased from local Hudson Valley farms including Fishkill Farm, Meadowbrook Farm, Sprout Creek Farm and more.

If you drive too quickly down Route 9 in Fishkill you might miss it. It’s located in the plaza with Chico’s and JoS A. Bank. We noticed it because they had a blue farm tractor in front of the restaurant.  The tractor and the arched trellis which supported a cherry tomato vine caused me to make a mental note to dine at that establishment.  The actual address is 1083 Route 9, Lawrence Farms Market Square, Fishkill, NY.

Farm to Table Atmosphere

We were surprised at the size of the restaurant. When we walked in we saw a long wooden bar and thought, “Great, we’ll sit at a tiny little table at the side of a bar.” But, we were pleasantly surprised when we were escorted into an adjoining room for dining. The décor is simple and the music complimented the décor. The music didn’t rudely call attention to itself as it does in so many other restaurants.

Farm to Table Bistro

Selecting a Meal at the Bistro

Farm to Table’s salads and vegetables are prepared using organic locally grown produce. Their meat dishes are from free range, grass fed, animals that weren’t given antibiotics or growth hormones. Additionally, they do their own curing and pickling. When you start a meal with the right type of ingredients, it only gets better from there.

After sitting down and looking at the menu, I had a difficult time deciding what to select. I really wanted to try one of everything. When you find a restaurant that has organically grown vegetables and meat that was properly raised, it’s tough to narrow the selection down.

I opted for the mango/watermelon soup (served chilled) and the homemade mozzarella panini served with roasted vegetables and tapenade. On the side I had homemade potato chips.

My husband opted for the lobster bisque soup, fish taco and a side salad. The portions were just right for lunch and the food was delicious. We were actually able to taste the flavor of the food. It wasn’t over run with excess salt and pepper.

Inside the BistroFarm to Table has their menu online. If you are as particular about your food and where it comes from as I am, just one look at the menu (lunch  menu, dinner menu) is all it takes. You’ll be in your car driving over to Farm to Table in no time.

Entertainment at Farm to Table

Stop by on a Friday or Saturday evening and you’ll enjoy live music along with your meal. Check their website from time to time because they host special events.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Farm to Table with only one spoiler. Our waiter, as nice as he was, seemed to want us out of the restaurant. We dined there on a Saturday around 1:00 or so. The restaurant wasn’t crowded, but he seemed to be in a hurry to get us out. Quick to take our order (with a new menu you need time to review it), and while still eating our meal, he came by to ask if we wanted desert and then handed us the check.  I had only eaten half of the panini.

Because I enjoyed the food, I overlooked his hasty ways, but when I go there in the future, I will request a different waiter. Farm to Table is the type of place where you should savor and enjoy leisurely.  The experience should not be rushed.

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