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Needing a culinary change of pace, we decided to visit the Golden Buddha Thai Restaurant in Fishkill. Well, no, that’s not what really happened. Our mission was to dine at Tanjore’s Indian restaurant but we arrived there between the hours of 3 and 5pm and the restaurant was closed.

Not wanting to wait around until they re-opened at 5:00, we looked across the street and saw the Golden Buddha Thai restaurant and decided to give it a try, and we’re so glad we did!


Golden Buddha  is located at 985 Main Street (Rt 52), Fishkill, NY, right next to a beer store. I wasn’t so sure what to expect given its small frontal square footage and seemingly tiny 2 car-space parking lot. Fortunately, there is additional parking around the side of the building.

Upon entering the Golden Buddha, you leave Fishkill New York and enter the North West region of Thailand. The restaurant is quaint (limited seating) and tastefully decorated.

Golden Buddha Dining Experience

Not having had authentic Thai food before, I took my time when it came to ordering. They have an extensive menu, which comes in a loose-leaf binder. After spending quite a bit of time browsing the menu, we finally decided on our meals.

For appetizers we had a variety of spring rolls. Since 2/3 of our party was vegetarian, we had a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Golden Buddhaappetizers. Shrimp spring rolls, vegan wantons and vegetarian spring rolls. When presented with the appetizers, I felt like a judge at a culinary contest and was blown away by the artistic display.

The taste, presentation and service were excellent. After having whetted our appetite with the appetizers, we were anxious to receive our entrees. We weren’t disappointed.

Next followed our entrees of:

  • Drunken Noodles with Shrimp,
  • Crab fried rice and
  • Tofu Pahd Thai

The meals were equally pleasing to the eyes and the palate. My husband requested spice and out came a platter with 4 different types and degrees of spice.

To compliment our meals and to fully immerse ourselves in the Thai experience, we ordered the Monsoon Thai wines, one white and one red. The under aged diner had a strawberry smoothie that was described as “delicious and silky smooth.”

Desserts at Golden BuddhaSticky Rice & Ice Cream

We were too full to eat a full dessert each so we decided to split the sticky rice and ice cream dish. Having to taste dessert on a full stomach isn’t a wise idea. I think I’ll go back the next time just to enjoy a cup of coffee and dessert.

All in all, we were very happy with our decision to dine at the Golden Buddha and we plan to go back there again.

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