Halloween in the Hudson Valley

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As the weather starts to cool and the fall foliage is in full effect, here in the Hudson Valley we know that Halloween is just around the corner.

Because of the rich history here in the Valley, there are plenty of historic mansions and old estates that sport stories of being haunted. There is a one stop Hudson Valley haunted house website called Haunted Hudson Valley which lists story after story of hauntings in some of the oldest most magnificent and scariest of Hudson Valley mansions.

Not confining itself to mansions, there are town hauntings such as the ones that occur on  Hugenot Street. Read if you dare (personally, I’m too much of a wimp to read such stories).Halloween Pumpkins

Haunted Houses and Exhibits

If reading the haunted stories only wets your appetite for something bigger and more “in your face.” Check out the haunted houses and exhibits throughout the Hudson Valley. All you need to do is visit our Things to Do page and select ‘Haunted Houses’ in the Type of Fun box. Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion in Wappingers Falls is a favorite of the locals.

Less Scary Halloween Activities

Not all Hudson Valley attractions will scare the pants off of you. There are some traditions such as pumpkin picking and going for hayrides that appeal to families with younger children. By inserting the search terms ‘Hay Rides’ or ‘Farms’ in our Things to Do database, you’ll find a host of Halloween in the Hudson Valleyfarms that not only offer hay rides but pumpkin picking and other Halloween festivities.

Local Halloween Events

If all else fails, check out the VHV Calendar to the right. As we hear about Halloween activities (or any other activity for that matter), we add them to our database.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, there is something in the Hudson Valley for you.

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