Fishkill AllSport: A Hudson Valley Stay-cation Spot

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Summer is approaching and the kids will soon be out of school. With rising gas prices and economic insecurity, vacations have given way stay-cations. In other words, we are all looking for less expensive ways to enjoy ourselves over the summer.

Stay-cations are great on the budget but can be tough on a bored teen. We all know how restless our teens can get and hanging out at the mall is not a parent’s idea of a healthy way to keep a teen entertained.

Fortunately, Fishkill AllSport can help to provide one solution to the bored teen syndrome. They offer a summer membership rate for teens beginning May first and ending on Labor Day. The summer membership costs $149 and gives them access to the indoor and outdoor facilities.

Therefore, if you do the math, the earlier you sign up the more bang you get for your staycation buck. If you have not been to Fishkill AllSport lately take a ride over there to see what you get.

AllSport Classes and Activities

Fishkill AllSport is undergoing a few more upgrades so don’t be put off by the construction. They have already upgraded the important areas such as the locker room, showers and bathrooms. There’s nothing like a nice refreshing shower after a stint in the steam room or sauna.

As far as activities go, with group classes such as spinning , Zumba, Pilates, yoga, step and more, it’s tough for a teen to get bored. In addition to the group exercise classes there are several pools (both indoor and out) weight and cardio rooms. If your teen is at the age where she’s not quite comfortable working up a sweat around the guys, there’s a cardio room for women only.

Indoor/Outdoor Facilities

Working out doesn’t have to be limited to indoors only. Your teen can get a good dose of vitamin D by using the outdoor park in the summer. With several pools, tennis, volley ball, walking/running track and refreshments, all you’ll need to provide is the sunscreen and a few dollars for food.

The good thing about Fishkill AllSport is it is very much a family oriented facility. Teens are at that stage where they can go one way or the other. Having them hang out in a family-family atmosphere is much preferred to a day of hanging out at a mall.

A Family Affair

All it took was one trip to Fishkill AllSport and a walk around the gym for my teen to decide that a good workout beats hanging out at the mall any day. Honestly, I really think it was the Friday night Zumba party that clinched the deal. As a parent, watching and joining your teen in a Zumba class is much more fun than driving to the mall.

Take a ride over to Fishkill AllSport and inquire about the summer teen membership. If your teen is anything like mine, take a few teens. They like to do things in bunches.

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