Double O’s Asparagus, Tomato Stack

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I did a review on Double O’s before so this is not a review of the restaurant. This is, however, a review of dish on their appetizer menu. This dish is called the Asparagus Tomato Stack.

What is the Stack Made Of?

Just like it sounds, it’s a stack of small asparagus, tomato, mozzarella cheese, bleu cheese, thinly sliced red onion stacked intermittently with a lovely vinaigrette dressing drizzled throughout and a light touch of salt and pepper. Atop of this lovely stack of vegetables and cheese is a garnish of several leaves of basil. Because of the height of this wonderful little appetizer, Double O’s inserts one or two long decorative toothpicks to keep it together.

Next to the asparagus, tomato stack on a rather large square plate is a nice portion of mesclun salad. The salad is sprinkled with the same light vinaigrette dressing as used on the stack.

Eating the Tomato Stack

The challenge to the asparagus tomato stack is eating it. It’s several inches high thus making it impossible to cut through each layer to place it on the fork. I’ve found the best way to eat the tomato stack is to dismantle it several layers at a time. The goal is to have a bit of each layer on every forkful. Therefore, like a triple decker sandwich, I remove the top most complete layer, place it on an unoccupied section of the plate (that’s probably why Double O’s uses such a large plate with this dish).

After placing one in tact layer on an unoccupied section of the plate, I then take a leaf of basil and cut it just enough so that each and every forkful has a bit of basil. Believe me, you’ll thank me later for that tidbit of information.

Asparagus Tomato Stack

Here’s another valuable tip. Once you take your first bite, close your eyes and block all of your other senses. The only two senses you’ll need for the next few minutes is the sense of taste and the sense of smell. Take a moment to experience the dish.

Addicted to Asparagus Tomato Stacks

My first experience with the asparagus tomato stack was three days ago. Silly me, not realizing the size of the appetizer, I also ordered the scallop and risotto dish. Needless to say, after experiencing the appetizer (I would say eating it, bit it’s more than just a dish; it’s an experience), I had to take the entree home. It was enough for several meals.

Because I enjoyed the appetizer so thoroughly, I had to go back a second time to see if it was as good as the first time. Guess what…it was! I’m addicted.

My Final Word

If you’re a cheese and veggie lover, this is a meal for you. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. Oh, and one last tip, order a nice chardonnay to accompany your meal. You’ll be glad you did.

PS: These pictures, taken from a cell phone, don’t do the meal justice.

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