Hudson Valley Ford Windstar Drivers, Be Careful!

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There is a growing safety concern involving older model Ford Windstars. If you are driving a Ford Windstar of model year 1999 thru 2003, you should take the car to your mechanic and have him/her check the sub frame.

Hudson Valley Winter Road Conditions

Because you live in the Hudson Valley and have an older model Windstar, you satisfy the two conditions that contribute to the problem. The winter road salt and many years of driving the Windstar on salted roads lead to the rusting of the sub frame. In Ford Windstars the sub frame is a stabilizing unit that keeps the engine and other important systems in place while stabilizing the front end.

Not to get too technical, but if the sub frame rusts and fails, you could potentially loose all steering control. On top of it being a deadly condition, there are no prior warning signs. The only way to know if your Windstar’s subframe is rusting is to take it to a mechanic and look at it.

NHTSA Ford Windstar Investigation

Because of the many complaints on the rusting sub frame and its potential safety hazard, the in July of 2010, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration launched an investigation. The investigation is still under way. However, you don’t have to sit idly by and wait. Visit the NHTSA website and make your voice heard; file a safety complaint.

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