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Seasons Restaurant II
1545 Route 52
Fishkill, NY 12524
(845) 896-1818 – Phone
(845) 896-1727 – Fax

Date: Monday, May 3, 2010

Time: 4:00 PM

Party Size: 3

Wait Time to Be Seated: Immediate

Wait Time for Service: Immediate

Food Ordered:

2 Lemon Chicken Orzo Soups
1 Potato Bacon Soup
2 Shrimp stuffed with Crab meat
1 Chicken Fingers and Fries
1 Pepsi
1 Sprite
1 Water

Let me start this review by saying that I’ve been to Seasons a number of times over the past few years. Each time I go I have always ordered the Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Shrimp (it’s very good, you should try it). Much to my family’s surprise, this time I elected to try something else on the Season’s menu.Seasons 2 Restaurant in Fishkill

With the change in the economy, Seasons has come up with a $10 menu. As the menu title indicates, everything on the menu is $10 and comes with your choice of baked potato, fries, mashed potato or waffle fries.

What better way to try something new than to only spend $10 for it. The portion size was not large, but on the whole, restaurant portions are large enough to feed three people. The $10 menu portion size is just right for one person.

We all ordered soup (not included with the $10 meal). My daughter loves the combination of lemon and chicken and thought she was dreaming when she heard the soup of the day was lemon chicken orzo. The other soup of the day was potato bacon. We all enjoyed our soups.

The shrimp stuffed with crab meat was very tasty. It comes with 4 shrimp and choice of sides. My hubby and I both chose the baked potato. Unfortunately, I realized a little too late that the meal was missing something green. I would have gladly traded my baked potato for an order of steamed broccoli. Looking at the nutritionally unbalanced meal, I decided to order a side of broccoli. Unfortunately, our waitress disappeared. By the time she resurfaced I was finished with my food, so there was no need to order broccoli.

My daughter, the queen of chicken fingers and fries, thought her fries needed ‘sauce.’ When placing her order she requested buffalo sauce on the chicken fingers, which is how the order came. She also likes to dip her French fries in the excess buffalo Seasons IIsauce but there was no extra sauce so she decided to request a small container of sauce. Unfortunately, the same waitress I couldn’t find to order the broccoli is the same one she couldn’t find to order the buffalo sauce. My daughter, however, refused to eat her fries without the sauce so she sat and waited (and waited) until the waitress surfaced (it wasn’t crowded so we were at a loss as to why the waitress was lost).

Although we were all at the same table, we got to watch the other eat. My daughter got to watch us eat (since she refused to eat without her sauce) and we got to watch her eat (once she finally received her buffalo sauce). The meals were tasty, and we generally have good service when we go to Season’s, but this time the service wasn’t up to its usual par.

Cost (without tip): $40.92

Final Recommendation: All in all, I would recommend Seasons II restaurant in Fishkill because the food is good. Hopefully the next time we go there the service will be business as usual.

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