Mid Hudson Valley Library System – A Local Treasure

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If you live in the Hudson Valley and don’t have a library card, you’re missing out on a great resource.

The Mid Hudson Valley Library System, in my opinion, is second to none. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I saved as a result of having a library card. My brother, who lives out of state, is envious of my library treasure.

I can keep up on the latest books by visiting the New York Times best seller list. If I don’t like what I see on the NY Times list, I go to Amazon.com to peruse their listing of popular books. After reviewing the best sellers and most popular books, I compile my own list of books that I’d like to read. Then I let my fingers do the walking over to the Hudson Valley library website. I sign in, order my books and await an email from the library notifying me of their arrival.Grinnell Library

Free Hudson Valley Gym Membership

The Mid Hudson Library System also helps me to get in shape. With a wide range of movies and DVDs, I’ve been able to beat myself up with Billy Banks Ultimate Workout CD (don’t do it unless you have a modicum of athletic ability), stretch my self in ways humans should not stretch with Denise Austin’s Hit the Spot Pilates and generally put myself through the ringer with the various workout routines.

The good thing about the Mid Hudson Library System is that you can select a new CD or DVD every week so you don’t get bored with your workout. You get to anger a different set of muscles each week.

Reading for Visually Impaired Hudson Valley Residents

As I age, I find that my eyes like to play little tricks with me. They’ve developed this game called “Let’s see how far away you need to stand from the book in order to read the words clearly.” It’s a nasty little game. So, instead of letting them win, I read audio books (they also have a collection of large print books).

If you have an iPod, you can download books, or if you don’t have an iPod, download the book in MP3 format. Personally, I like ordering the books on CD or Tape (a little old fashioned).

The bottom line is that with my library card, I’ve found a physical trainer, movie theater and literary club all for the price of being a Hudson Valley resident. Does it get any better than that?

So, what are you waiting for? If you live in this area and don’t have a library card, go get one…its free.

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