Science and Technology Become Fun In Hudson Valley!

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For those who have creative and imaginative minds, the Spaceship Discovery Science and Technology Center in Hudson Valley’s Hyde Park, New York is one of the most advanced and innovative learning centers.

This incredible museum is dedicated to teaching children and adults alike about the wonderful world of science and technology. The Science and Discovery Center has taken the learning process one step further. Instead of looking at statues and watching videos to learn, this museum actually gets visitors in the midst of everything with hands on teaching.

Get Involved In ScienceSpaceship

There is an interactive ride where students sit in the captain’s seat of a shuttle-craft and “land” in Tomorrow’s Technology Gallery. Here visitors get to see and experience the latest technological gadgets invented. Participants get to work on high speed workstations in the Mission Control Gallery.

Another innovative idea in this Hudson Valley Museum is the idea of a “time machine” where the guests enter and get to experience pre-historic settings, an Egyptian tomb, and a futuristic society! There are weekly science shows that involve the guests by getting them on stage to become “the stars of the show” while learning about science and technology. The Spaceship Discovery Museum gets kids and adults excited about science.

The Spaceship Discovery Science Center Commitment

The Center is committed to being able to learning and meeting the educational scientific needs of the community. They host field trips that encourage thousands of children from camps, schools, and daycare to get excited about science and technology.

Cultivating the Young (and not so young) Mind

For young scientists in the making, the Spaceship Discovery Center hosts birthday parties that will keep the most curious minds occupied and amazed. The guest of honor gets a gift while the rest of the party goers enjoy a movie and high energy demonstration tour. In addition to birthday parties, this Hudson Valley museum sponsors a science camp where campers will learn about energy, space, dinosaurs, magnets, plants, animals, ecology and the environment, technology, electricity, rockets and robots! The Spaceship Discovery Center services adults also by hosting catered business meetings and receptions.

Star TrekUnderstanding that not all ages and levels learn at the same pace, this Hudson Valley museum offers age related activities for groups ranging from Kindergarten to adult (the DNA fingerprinting is a must experience).

Check out the Spaceship Discovery Center during your visit to the Hudson Valley. You’ll be glad you did!

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