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Establishment: The Castle Fun Center

Address: P.O. Box 132 (mail) or
109 Brookside Ave., Rte. 17M
Chester, NY 10918
(845) 469-2116

Date: Tuesday, August 25,2009

The Castle Fun Center is just that, a center for having great family fun. It’s a great place to take your kids. We were fortunate and selected the most perfect day of the summer to visit the Castle.

As with most amusement and fun parks now a days, visitors no longer have to stand on lines to buy tickets. The Castle Fun Center offers amusement cards in varying denominations. The card, like a credit/debit card, is swiped at the attraction of choice and admission is granted.

The Castle Fun Center park isn’t very large. It has two 18 hole mini golf courses, three degrees of go karts (one for the little tykes, one for the general public and the slick course for the over 14 dare devils), roller skating, batting cages, arcades, rock climbing and the favored lazer tag.

How Much to Spend at Castle Fun Center

Having visited the Fun Center with two 13 year old’s I assumed that a $100 card would be enough for them to visit each attraction (minus the batting cage). The card can also be used to purchase food throughout the park. It is not accepted, however, at Castle Fun Center’s Jester restaurant. So, anyone visiting the park with the intention of eating at Jester’s be prepared to spend a little more.

Fun Center Attractions

Mini GolfWe played one round of miniature golf. We were advised to take the blue course because it provided more shade than the other course. It was a beautiful day, but it did get hot so standing in the sun for too long was not a good idea.

The course was attractive and challenging. I’m no golfer, but I never saw golf clubs swung the way these girls swung them (Tiger Woods, you’ve not nothing to worry about here). They giggled, swatted, and ‘scraped’ the balls into the cups. I believe one time they even used the handle to ‘poke’ the ball into the cup.

The course we took had a neat dark room that was lit via black light. It took a moment or two for the eyes to become accustomed to the dark, but once inside, the room was neon and colorful.

Onto the Go Karts, Again and Again and Again…

The go karts were a hit. Each session is about 4 minutes long. It’s really funny watching some of the less experienced drivers get snagged by the rubber bumpers, unable to turn the kart in the right direction. The attendants got a good workout the day we went. Go Karts

We did find, however, that getting to the park early was a good thing. The girls were able to own the go kart area early in the day. Around 2:00 in the afternoon or so, the crowds came and the girls no longer were able to drive side by side as only best friends could.

Off to Fun Center’s Lazer Tag Attraction

Not thinking that these girlie girls would enjoy lazer tag, we opted for the short 7 ½ minute session instead of the 15 minute session. I was shocked when they came out smiling, sweaty, out of breath and laughing. They loved it. The lazer tag area is multi level thus giving each player ample space to chase, hide and shoot.

The music, the skeletons, the black lights all added to the experience. Of course they had to go in again, but this time for 15 minutes (they came out exhausted).

The best way to cool off after a hard work out in the lazer room is to get a cool drink and go for a drive on the go karts, so off we went.

Food and More

After cooling off, it was time to eat so off to the Jester we went. Actually, I was quite surprised at the quality of food. After all, it’s an amusement park, my expectations were extremely low. The Jester Restaurant

The girls had the mandatory chicken fingers and fries while I had the Asian Chicken salad. It was not like any other Asian Chicken salad I’ve had before. The chicken was freshly grilled and the salad was tasty. I detected small bits of fresh ginger along with mandarin oranges, and the usual greens. The dressing was delicious and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Not bad for amusement park food.

For the more mature crowd, Jester’s has a pub and serves spirited beverages.

The Castle Fun Center Arcade Room

We spent very little time in the arcade room. Not because there wasn’t enough to do (there’s plenty there to keep kids and adults busy), but because they preferred to do other activities.

30 Foot Rock Climbing Wall

What else should one do on a full belly but go rock climbing? The Castle’s rock climbing wall adds a competitive touch. Each side of the wall has a different degree of difficulty. Displayed atop the wall are the fastest times it took to reach the top. Castle Fun Center Rock Climbing Wall

Having learned my rock climbing lesson at the Inner Wall, I decided not to participate and watched as the girls climbed. Up like monkeys and down they went. Their feet were barely on the floor when they asked to go back to the lazer tag room.

The Castle Fun Center Finale

They used the last of their Castle Fun Center card playing lazer tag. Unfortunately, we were unable to roller skate. Mondays and Tuesdays the roller rink is reserved for private parties. As with the rest of the Castle Fun Center, the rink was bright, clean and very inviting. Next time we go, we’ll make sure it’s not a Monday or Tuesday.

If you’re looking for something to do with your kids and you haven’t been to the Castle Fun Center, I recommend you pay them a visit.

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