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The Inner Wall
234 Main Street
New Paltz, New York

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Cost: $17 Per Person
Visit their website for fees and times of operation

This very rainy summer had us scrambling around for some indoor activities that would allow the kids to use up some of their excess energy. What better way to tire the kids out than to take them to an indoor rock climbing facility.

The Inner Wall is just the place. It has been around for about 10 or 15 years and is located on Main St in New Paltz right behind Rite Aid. If you don’t pay attention you’ll miss it. Actually, when we pulled up, we thought we were in the wrong place. Driving behind Rite Aid into an ally is not something that gives me little warm and fuzzies.Rock Climbing Jewelry

After overcoming the surprise about the location, we walked into the Inner Wall to be faced with walls and ceilings equipped with various size rocks on various inclines. Not having rock climbed before, I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of scaling the walls.

Rock Climbing Safety

Before being able to rock climb, we were required to sign the necessary waivers and rent rock climbing shoes (be sure to wear socks). After signing the waivers we were giving safety instructions.

We were harnessed (can you spell wedgie) and carabinered. A carabiner is the hook that attaches the ropes to the harness. We learned how to belay each other. For the non rock climbing folks, belaying is a safety process whereby the person on the ground is roped to the rock climber via a Rock Climbers safety harness. The rope is affixed to the belayer, tossed over a ceiling beam with the other end attached to the rock climber. The rope is pulled taught preventing the rock climber from crashing to the ground if she loses her grip.

For smaller belayers, there is a ground anchor which helps them to keep their feet on the ground. Therefore, if the larger rock climber (er, let’s say, me) loses her rock climbing grip, she doesn’t snatch the smaller belayer (let’s say my tiny little daughter) off the ground. The anchor prevents the belayer from being tossed up into the air and crashing into the ceiling beam from the sheer weight of the heavier rock climber (there is about a 100 pound difference between me and my youngest daughter).

The Rock Climbing Experience

Once we got all of the safety issues out of the way, we began to climb. The kids and my child sized adult friend were like little spider monkeys. Up and down the walls they went. Me? Well, I was more like the very mature, very stayed spider monkey. Spider MonkeyAfter one or two walls I kept my spider monkey feet on the ground. I make a great belayer.

In the loft area there is a cave where all of the rocks are on the ceiling. In my opinion, only Spiderman could scale those rocks.

Overall Opinion

We had a very enjoyable time at The Inner Wall. Maybe it’s the nature of rock climbing, but my only negative about the experience is that the Inner Wall is a little grungy. Maybe it’s because everyone must put their feet on the walls, creating a less than clean situation, but it seemed that the non walled areas could use a bit of cleaning too.


1. Bring bottled water because rock climbing will make you thirsty

2. Bring wet naps to clean your hands afterwards (they do get very dirty). There’s a Burger King located right outside of The Inner Wall. Unless you blindfold your kids, the minute you leave the rock climbing place, you’ll end up at the drive through. I can assure you the kids will be hungry.

3. If you really enjoy rock climbing, you might want to check out a nice selection of rock climbing jewelry. Why not make a statement with a pair of carabiner earings?

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  1. Kathy McBride says:

    The Inner Wall was reopened with a new owner and newly renovated. New gym flooring, ropes, routes and staff. The cave is gone. But the great times are still there. So come by and say hello.

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