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Where: Chen Young
1490 Route 9
Wappingers Falls, NY  12590

When: Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time: 6:30 PM

Wait time to be seated:  No wait at all.  Chen Young wasn’t crowded.  It could be a sign of the current economic times.  Fewer people are spending money on eating out.

Food Ordered

Won Ton Soup
Egg Drop Soup
2 Spring Rolls
2 California Rolls
Green Salad
Shrimp Mei Fun
Shrimp/Scallop in Hot Garlic Sauce
Banana Tempura Ice Cream
Hot Sake

The service was good and the food was hot and tasty.  My daughter, the California Roll Queen, hummed throughout her entire meal (humming is a good sign).  She was like a chemist trying to strike the right culinary balance between the heat of the wasabi and the salt of the soy sauce.  After spending a few minutes getting the recipe just right, she began to dip and eat her California rolls.

Spring RollsI, on the other hand, had very little preparing to do.  The egg drop soup consistency was perfect; not too watery and not too thick. In the words of Goldilocks, it was “just right.” The shrimp Mei Fun was delicious and plentiful.  Remember to bring an appetite when ordering from of the Chen Young dinner menu.  The portions are very large.

My hubby enjoyed the shrimp and scallop in hot garlic sauce, but wished that he had not ordered it.  He doesn’t like celery and there was quite a bit in the meal.  He made a mental note not to order it again, or, request a special order without the celery.

A little About Chen Young

Chen Young is an eat-in take-out restaurant that serves a wide variety of Chinese and Japanese foods.  If raw food is your thing, the Sushi is good.  For who are less adventurous and would prefer cooked food, you can choose between the tempura or traditional Chinese dishes.

A Few Observations

The dining areas were clean and well maintained. Customers have a choice of sitting at the Sushi bar, a booth or a table.  While patrons cannot take a peak at what’s going on in the kitchen, one tell tale sign of a restaurant’s cleanliness is taking a visit to the bathroom (I also have this weird thing about the scent and Shrimp Mei Funquality of an establishment’s hand soap).

Chen Young’s restroom was clean and the hand soap was pleasant smelling.  I was a little surprised, however, at the open display of the bathroom cleaning materials.  When you walk into the rest room, the bucket, gloves, cleaning material, plunger, etc were there in full view.  This could be a problem for anyone with a young inquisitive child.  It’s an accident waiting to happen.

My final review is that Chen Young is a great place to eat, and a definite must visit again (just hope they find a storage closet for their cleaning items).

Cost: $70.93 (excluding tip)

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