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Neko Sushi & Hibachi
1817 Route 9
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Tel: (845) 298 – 9869

Type of Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi

Date: June 18, 2008

Time: 6:30 PM

Wait Time for Seating: No wait.
Food Ordered:

* Seafood Combination
* Shrimp & Scallop
* Chicken & Scallop
* Filet Mignon & Shrimp
* Soda
* Hot Saki
* Fried Ice Cream

Our Review:

All of the Neko dinner meals come with a shrimp appetizer, soup, salad, fried rice, noodle, vegetables and green tea. For the dinner, you get to choose either chicken, steak, shrimp, salmon? rather than re-write Neko’s menu, you can see it for yourself here.

I recommend that you go to Neko’s with an appetite or else you’ll walk out with a doggie bag. Also, brush up on your chopstick eating technique. They give you forks and chopsticks so if you’re not good with chopsticks, you don’t have to feel embarrassed by asking for a fork. Neko also has ‘kiddie’ chopsticks, which are set up for young ones who haven’t quite mastered the art of eating with chopsticks.

Our Neko ChefWe’ve eaten at Neko’s before and each time the food has been good. Eating at Neko is an experience that is enhanced by having an entertaining chef. Our chef was pleasant, skilled and very entertaining. His ability to toss an egg in the air and catch it on a metal spatula without breaking it is truly a learned art form. (I tried it at home once and we had scrambled eggs with a little shell as seasoning).

Because the food is cooked Hibachi style, the seating arrangement encompasses 3 sides of the large center-cooking skillet. If you’re fortunate enough to be seated with other diner’s, it can either enhance or detract from the experience.

We’ve had meals at Neko’s where the other patrons at our table became impromptu family members. The conversation flowed and a good time was had by all. We’ve also experienced less than friendly table mates, and we quickly realized that anything more than a passing nod would be inappropriate.Fried Ice Cream

Our waitress was attentive enough, but had a rather disconcerting habit of reaching across the plate in order to reach the next person’s water. I don’t know about you, but I was taught not to reach across a person’s plate while they’re eating.

The first time, I thought it was an oversight, but after the third, fourth, or fifth time, it became quite annoying. It got to the point that when I saw her coming I took on the ‘protective’ stance over my plate for fear she would spill water of soda in it in an attempt to refill my sons’ water glass.

All in all, it was a positive experience. The food is consistently good and I would eat at Neko’s again.

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