VHV Healey Brothers Review

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Healey Chrysler Dodge Jeep
557 Route 52
Beacon, NY

Date: Friday, January 18, 2008

Purpose: NYS Inspection

As odd as this may sound, this experience left me feeling like my car was repaired over the internet. It was absolutely painless.

Here’s what happened:

For some reason my 2003 Jeep wouldn’t pass inspection at the local oil change establishment. They said something about a sensor in the Jeep was not triggering the proper signals so their computer was unable to issue a clean bill of health and pass the vehicle for inspection (yes, I was tagged with the dreaded “failed inspection”). The problem had to be rectified within 10 days. They recommended that the Jeep be taken to a Jeep dealer.

Here’s where Healey Brothers come into the picture. I called Healey on Thursday and they suggested I bring the car in on Friday. I opted for the night drop feature so I dropped the car off in the evening. I completed the night drop form and indicated that I would call them by 11:30 AM the following day.Jeep Liberty

Much to my surprise, the two-hour snow delay that plagued the local school system had no affect on Healey Brothers. By 9:00 in the morning, Healy was on the phone confirming the work to be done and explaining that they were halfway through the inspection. They made much needed recommendations as to how to keep my car running properly. They quoted the proposed work and asked for the go ahead in order to proceed.

It was no later than 11:00 AM when I received another call from Healey confirming that the work was done and the car was ready. Not only was the car ready, but they did it for slightly less than quoted. We settled the bill and it was all done. I picked the vehicle up that evening and happily drove it home.

General Comments on Healey Brothers:

Today’s experience was very much like an internet transaction. I never met Pete, the Service Advisor, nor did I meet any of the service technicians. The closest I came to meeting a technician was when I dropped my car off and picked it up. At both times it was after 8:00 PM. Those Healey guys must work around the clock servicing their customers because the lights were on in the garage and I believe the technicians were working.

To top it all off, along with my receipt, I received a coupon for a Silver car wash compliments of Healey. Does it get any better than that? Healey gets a thumbs up from us!

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