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Ruby Tuesday
25 Westgate Drive
Fishkill, NY 12524

Type of Food: American

Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time: 8:05 PM

Party Size: 3 Adults 1 Child

Wait time to be seated: About 10 minutes

Wait Time for Service: Less than 5 minutes.

Ambiance: A casual, comfortable restaurant. Depending on where you’re seated, you can watch a game on TV.

Food Ordered:

  • Broccoli and Cheddar Soup
  • White bean and pulled chicken chili soup
  • Chicken fingers and french fries
  • Sirloin burger, fries and broccoli
  • Chicken burger with bacon and friesWaiter
  • Grilled tilapia and shrimp with cream sauce and broccoli
  • Sprite and Wine

Meal Rating: What I appreciate about Ruby Tuesday is that they do offer a variety of healthy choices. They have a rather extensive salad bar and you may also select a meal from their Smart Eating Menu on which they list the calories, fat grams, net carbs, and fiber grams for each meal (a very useful tool for those of us watching our waistlines).

The food was fresh, tasty and there was plenty of it. As usual we walked out with doggie bags.

Our server was very pleasant, however, we wish we saw more of her. We saw her when the food was delivered and then she disappeared. We tracked down other waiters/waitresses when we wanted more soda or needed napkins.

Cost: $80.62 (excluding tip)

General Comments:
All in all, we enjoyed our meal at Ruby Tuesday and would eat there again.

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