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Get this…A Pleasant Experience at the Wappingers Falls Department of Motor Vehicles

At all costs, I avoid going to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Being the professional procrastinator that I am, I tend to do as much of my DMV business as I can on line.

The last time I had to physically make a trip to the DMV, I was told by one of the employees that by filling out registration forms and sending it on line, it goes to Albany and Albany gets to keep whatever profits are earned by registration renewals. In other words, the county in which I live, loses revenue every time I procrastinate and renew online or, mail the form back to Albany. That was news to me, so I vowed to suck it up and make the trip to the DMV, no matter how painful. I have to do my civic duty and help my County (begin playing patriotic music).

As it so happened, my vehicle registration renewal notification came in the mail. No longer can I talk the talk, I had to walk the walk. So, I pulled myself away from my computer and drove over to the Department of Motor Vehicles (dun dun duuuuun – suspense music). The DMV was always synonymous with nightmares, long lines, impatient clerks, angry patrons, never ending forms, missing documentation (which means, getting off of the line, completing yet another form and then bypassing everyone on line to return to the original teller while receiving death stares from everyone on line as you pass them), etc., etc.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the DMV at the end of the month (a usually very busy time) prepared to stand on a long snaking line, only to stand in the doorway dumbfounded to see that there were no lines. Not only that, there were no stanchions to direct people in an “S” formation. They took the barriers down and in their place were benches. Yes, benches … for sitting. The benches were arranged sort of like church pews on an angle.  I was so surprised couldn’t move. I stood at the door with my mouth agape in shock.

Nudged by the person in back of me (who also had his mouth agape), I walked in. I went to get on a non-existent line only to have a happy customer who was leaving the DMV, point to the kiosk, which looked more like an ATM machine. Above it was a large sign instructing which button to press depending on the service required.

Since I was renewing my registration, I pressed the number 3 and a receipt with a ticket number began to print. No sooner did I start to rip the receipt from the ATM, did I hear a soft computerized females voice purring, “Now servicing ticket number C3403 at window 3 …now servicing ticket number C3403 at window 3.” Imagine my surprise when I finished ripping the ticket and read it that I had ticket number C3403.

Above each service window were large electric signs with red numbers on them. Sort of like the red numbers used in supermarkets when buying cold cuts (You know, now serving number…).

I never got a chance to sit on the bench. Feeling like an MVP at the DMV, I strutted over to window number 3, unable to hide the smile creeping onto my face. I placed my documents down and the Customer Service Rep behind the desk asked for my signature, my money, handed me my registration and I was on my way. I won’t mention how I blathered on about how cool I thought the new computerized system was. Apparently, all of DMV’s in New York will have such a great system.

I was in and out in under five minutes. Wow, I can’t wait until I have more DMV business to handle. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I even got a sticker for my car to boot (a yellow school bus with the saying ‘School’s Open – Drive Carefully.’

The DMV used to be like going to the doctor’s office. I hated going, but it was necessary. Now, it’s just about as enjoyable as my weekly jaunt to Barnes and Noble.

It’s great living in the Hudson Valley!

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