VHV Learns to Row

| June 20, 2002 | 0 Comments

Mid Hudson Rowing Association
The Hudson River

Initial Rowing Review

Let me begin this review by being a bit self-indulgent and say, I’ve never rowed before nor have I ever shown an interest in the sport. I don’t even remember how the thought entered my mind. I believe a much higher authority put the thought there.

Taking into consideration my age (..er forty something…), and my creaking knees and other joints, I was searching for an exercise that would be gentle on the joints and yet a good workout in an attempt to keep/get fit and ward off the extra pounds. During the search I came across an old website for the Mid-Hudson Rowing Association (they have since updated it). We called them and found out that there ‘happened’ to be an open house the next day (another stroke of ‘luck’ or a blessing from a higher authority).

And The Rowing Journey Begins…

The following day we got up early to attend the open house. We were fortunate enough to get there early to see the existing Learn To Row class hoist their boat (scull) and walk it to the dock and place it in the water. We also saw that an eight-person rowing team is the ultimate in team sports. That is, you cannot even get into the boat without your entire team for fear of tipping the boat over. The oars must be placed just so and each person must step in the boat in unison and shift their weight simultaneously to keep the boat balanced.

That brings me to another issue. The boat. Man is it narrow. I looked at the boat and then looked down at my hips and wondered for a moment…hmmmm, is it wide enough? Take a look at the tiny little black seat that is supposed to hold a full-sized rear end. We’ll soon see how it works out.

There’s a whole new lingo that accompanies the sport like scull, hull, port, bough, stern and the like. Again, I’m a land lover and have never, ever shown an interest in rowing or boating or any other water sport (except swimming). However, the thought of being on the Hudson River in the quiet of the early dawn as a part of a rowing team is exciting to me.

Since this was an adult learn to row class, I thought that my 11 year old son might be bored rowing with 6 adults and his mom so we invited one of his friends to join us. Now we have 2 boys and 6 adults.

Our first lesson is scheduled for Thursday evening. Click here to see how it turned out.

General Comments

I hope we enjoy rowing as much as we think we will.  Stay tuned for our adventure update.

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