Hyde Park Drive-In Theatre

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Hyde Park Drive-In Theater
510 Albany Post Road (Route 9)
Hyde Park, NY

Date: Friday, June 15, 2001


* Adults – $6.00
* Children(ages 5-11) $3.00
* Children under age 5 – Free

Its been years since I’ve been to a drive-in movie theatre. As a kid, I remember my parents would make us wear our pajamas and bring our pillows and blankets. We’d load the family sedan and off we would go to the drive-in. I don’t remember the movies too well (er, because I was sooo young back then, yeah, that’s the ticket…too young), but I do remember going to get snacks and having a great time.

Fast forward a few decades (er… a couple of years), and here I am with my family, going to the drive-in. A few differences, but basically the same experience. There is a type of vehicle segregation, all mini vans, trucks and SUV’s to the left and the sedans and station wagons to the right. Since we were one of the mini van crew, we were on the left.Hyde Park Drive In

Being the frugal person that I am, I didn’t have to go to the snack bar. We had the cooler filled with cold cuts for sandwiches, juices, water, yogurts, fruit and other such treats. There was also the snack bag that consisted of fruit snacks, popcorn, chips and other dry goodies.

I did forget, however, to bring something to entertain the kids for the 20 minute eternity before the movie began (Mom, what time is it going to start? Will it ever start? When are we going to see the movie? UGH!). I saw that some families brought frisbies, balls and other such outdoor type entertainment. Another little piece of knowledge that would have been beneficial was to know how to turn off the dome light in the mini van. If I did, we would have parked with the back end of the car facing the screen so that the kids could get a better view. I guess that’s something else that I’ve got to take into consideration for the next time (at least I remembered the bug spray!).

Oh, by the way, we saw Shrek and Evolution. The movies were entertaining, but I think I really enjoyed the experience more. Although my daughter and I saw Shrek in the movie theatre, I really think she enjoyed it more this time (especially since she was able to watch it from the roof of the car). My son liked the fact that he could have as many snacks as he wanted without having to hear his parents complain about how much it cost.

General Comments

I’ve got to say though, having seen Shrek twice, I had a better appreciation for the graphics when I saw it in theatre. I guess I was enjoying the experience too much to pay very close attention to the fine details as I would have done if I were in an indoor movie theatre.

All in all, if you have children (or are a child at heart), you’ve got to experience a drive in movie. I’m just glad that there are still some drive in theatres alive and kicking in the Hudson Valley!

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