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| April 29, 2000 | 0 Comments

Dutchess Diner
799 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY

Type of Food: American

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2000

Time: 10:05 AM

Wait time to be seated: Less than 1 minute

Wait Time for Meal: Approximately 35 minutes

Child Friendly: I would consider this diner family friendly. There were menu items that were for children, under age 12.

Food Ordered:

* Onion and Cheese Omelet
* Onion, Pepper and Spinach Omelet
* Egg, sausage and cheese sandwich
* Egg and cheese sandwich
* Side order of home fries
* Fruit
* Hot Chocolate
* Coffee
* Orange Juice
* All except for the egg and cheese sandwich were prepared with the ‘no cholestoral’ eggs

Meal Rating: Good. Everyone was happy and satisfied with their meal.

Service: Poor. We have dined at the Dutchess Diner before and were very happy with our service. Unfortunately, this time, we waited for over 30 minutes for our meal. Additionally, our waitress disappeared. We wanted to order additional orange juice, but we couldn’t find her. She never stopped by to say the traditional ‘your meal will be here in a few minutes’. We just sat there and waited, and waited and waited…

Cost: $42.90 (excluding tip)

Party Size Four: 2 Adults and 2 Children
General Comments: Today’s experience was not a good one for us, however, we still think the Dutchess Diner is a good place to eat. Our past experiences at the Dutchess Diner outshine this recent fiasco. Based on our past experiences, we will try them again.


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